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With more than 35 years of leadership experience, Julene Litke is passionate about helping leaders and teams grow to the next level. Through trainings, workshops, and conferences, she speaks on a variety of topics that help teams expand their understanding of effective leadership principles.

I have seen people across the spectrum of leadership roles learn how to raise the bar in their leadership and lead more confidently with effectiveness and excellence. We can work together to help your people increase their leadership capacity, communication skills, and personal growth.

Julene Litke from Next Leven Leaders

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Frequent Topics include:

  • Create Environments Conducive for Growth
  • The Impact of Leadership Principles on Growth 
  • Understand the Trickle-Down Effect of Leadership
  • Navigate Personality & Communication Styles
  • Examine the Impact of Emotional Intelligence
  • Manage and Resolve Conflict

Certifications and Affiliations

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