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Julene Litke from Next Leven Leaders

Julene Litke CMC, ACC

Accredited Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

I consistently work with ministry and business leaders who are caught in the trap of circumstantial leadership. They deal with the endless cycle of putting out fires and shouldering the heavy load of responsibilities, leaving them with limited time for uninterrupted focus and proactive planning. In this state, there is often confusion and frustration, causing a leader to feel stuck or uncertain of how to move forward. 

Through leadership coaching and consulting, I work with leaders to shift their perspective and see from a better vantage point. We work together to identify blind spots, move beyond barriers, ignite creativity, and establish achievable action plans. Our partnership will equip you to obtain a healthier work/life balance and lead with excellence. 

Let’s talk about how we can work together to level up your leadership! 

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Julene Litke is passionate about working with leaders to help them identify growth barriers and reduce stress. With more than 35 years of leadership experience, she provides valuable insight to help people lead more effectively.

Julene is accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), is a Certified Master Coach, and has a degree in Organizational Leadership. She began coaching professionally in 2016, founding Church Leadership Solutions, LLC to meet the needs of the church sector. The demand for her expertise among business leaders led to the formation of her second company, Competitive Advantage Coaching, LLC. A recent rebranding project has combined her practice niches into a business that indicates her track record for developing leaders: Next Level Leaders, LLC.

Along with spending time with family and friends, Julene loves adventure and is especially fond of cliff jumping.

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