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As a Certified Master Coach with over 35 years of leadership experience, Julene can help you identify and overcome growth barriers and develop an achievable plan to accomplish your goals while increasing your leadership capacity.

Through one-on-one coaching, consulting, and strategic planning, Julene helps leaders remove growth barriers by enhancing their leadership skills and implementing effective leadership principles throughout their organizations.

Increase your leadership capacity and become the leader you want to be!

Julene Litke, CMC, ACC

Accredited Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Julene Litke from Next Leven Leaders

Leadership Solutions for Pastors and Executives

Do you need clarity to create movement towards your goals?

Are you looking to improve organizational structure and facilitate growth?

Do you need to ensure the right systems are executed for success?

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Increase your Capacity

And strengthen the soft skills of your team

Activate the Trickle-Down Effect

In my work with leaders across multiple sectors, I see that they deal with the same organizational challenges: toxic leadership habits, personality clashes, inadequate conflict management, poor communication skills, and low emotional intelligence.

Through intuitive coaching and consulting, I work with leaders to raise awareness of growth-inhibiting leadership habits and replace them with effective principles that will take their leadership and their organization to the next level. 

Strengthening a leader’s capacity activates a trickle-down effect of increased innovation and productivity, reduced stress and turnover rates, and improved morale and collaboration.

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Enhance Morale   |   Increase Productivity   |   Expedite Growth   |   Encourage Innovation

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These are the ways that I come alongside leaders to support their leadership development, so they can lead their organization and their people with excellence.

Leadership Solutions for Churches

Leadership Solutions for Pastors

Leadership Solutions for Businesses

Leadership Solutions for Executives

Leadership Speaker & Trainer

Leadership Speaker
& Trainer

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